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Version 11.0


1 Deprecations

1.1  Introduction

This document aim to list all deprecated functionality in Erlang/OTP. It was introduced as of OTP 22, and have not yet been updated with all old deprecations. Deprecations made in other parts of the documentation are of course still valid. For more information regarding the strategy regarding deprecations see the documentation of Support, Compatibility, Deprecations, and Removal.

1.2  OTP 22

VxWorks Support

Some parts of OTP has had limited VxWorks support, such as for example erl_interface. This support is now deprecated and has also been scheduled for removal.

Legacy parts of erl_interface

The old legacy erl_interface library (functions with prefix erl_) is deprecated as of OTP 22. These parts of erl_interface has been informally deprecated for a very long time. You typically want to replace the usage of the erl_interface library with the use of the ei library which also is part of the erl_interface application. The old legacy erl_interface library has also been scheduled for removal.

1.3  OTP 18


New time functionality and a new time API was introduced. For more information see the Time and Time Correction chapter in the ERTS User's guide and specifically the Dos and Donts section on how to replace usage of erlang:now().