12. Reference

This is a small reference documentation list for further learning and studying.

I believe the following list is also applicable to Elixir programmers as well as Erlang/OTP programmers. While Erlang/OTP books and documentations are focusing onto rather low-level implementations, Elixir programmers also have to know the details if they want to fully utilize the functionality of Erlang/OTP and BEAM [1].

I will not quote the books listed in the Erlang/OTP manual. They are all essential. Read them first if you haven’t.

The following blogs and small books will help you a lot (and even worth paying for):

I’ve listed all my Erlang-related article references under my Diigo bookmarks with erlang tag. The Diigo bookmarks with elixirlang tag will also be useful.

You can find a Japanese version of preliminary document about writing a new Erlang/OTP module for beginners here in Qiita.


[1]I believe Erlang/OTP programmers should learn all about Elixir language too, because many useful Web applications are written in Elixir, and the ecosystem including Plug and Phoenix are now widely used in the real-world production systems. A good starting point is here: http://elixir-lang.org/learning.html